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Updated: Jan 15, 2022

I started my career as a Human Resource Consultant more than 10 years ago. It started with one project with a female business owner. We met through a training class that I was conducting about Compensation and Benefits. She was a very eager student and would consistently ask questions as well as share stories. Even during the breaks she would approach me in the corner and discuss some stories about her company.

As soon as the class was done, she went up to me and asked for a business card. During that time, I said I could just give her my mobile number and email address. She then asked if I can be available for a quick coffee meeting. Simply put, she became my first HR consultancy project. From our meeting, she asked various questions about managing her distribution business. Then I realized that I became a consultant for one business just by answering questions about people issues.

After one decade of consultancy, I realized that this would be my career for more years to come. I became passionate about helping business owners answer some

of the most challenging questions. This would include motivating regular employees who have been with the company for years. Also how to discipline employees

who were showing some sign of "attitude" problems. One of the most asked question is "How do i hire the right applicant best suitable for the job?" The list went on

as I handled various company clients in the small to medium ( SMEs) category.

As I rolled out my services to my clients, I sensed a gap in what I was doing. Yes, I became a trusted advisor and consultant. But how would my current clients remember

me once my project was over? So I had to repeat all over again explaining to other people what I do as a consultant. Then I realized I need to also produce a tangible

product that people would read and refer to their network. This birthed the idea of the book "The HR Compass"

The book "The HR Compass" became my first publication that captured my consulting experience in a readable format. The concept of coming up with a book was

interesting because this would help me scale up my business. As i started writing, I drew upon the steps that I would normally recommend to my client. hence I came

up with 7 Steps to start your Human Resource Department.

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